Degas Edgar

Degas Edgar

Edgar Degas (1834-1917) is known as 'the painter of dancers'. Among the founders of the Impressionist movement, his works often align with the Impressionists' concern with conveying light and movement. However there is also a great variety of subject and style in Degas' work which resists his categorisation and leaves him to be defined rather as a painter of modern Parisian life. 


Degas studied at the Beaux Art school in Paris from 1855, as well as under the tutelage of painter Louis Lamothe who was a student of Dominique Ingres. Like many other of the Avant Garde artists of his time, Degas proceeded to break with his classical Academic training and to follow the influences of Japanese printworks, Realism and Impressionism. 


Among his most famous works are The Ballet Rehearsal (1873) , Dancers in Blue (1895), and the sculpture of The Little Dancer  (1881). 

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