Henri Fantin-Latour

Henri Fantin Latour (1836-1904) was a french realist painter. He first learnt to paint from his father, the painter Théodore Fantin Latour, before studying at the Beaux Arts in Paris in 1854. His work was refused from the Salon in 1859 (along with the works of Manet and Whistler), his debut at coming later in 1861). His first work to see success was Un atelier aux Batignolles, 1870 a hommage to his friendship with Edouard Manet. He painted a variety of subjects , from portraits, to genre paintings, flowers and allegorical compositions. His style was simultaneously a break with Academic painting but also separate from the Impressionist movement. It could be considered more as an updated modern inspiration of Delacroix, for whom he painted the renowned Hommage to Delacroix in 1864.


Fantin-Latour’s numerous portraits of his contemporaries, many of them famous painters and poets, bears incomparable witness to the artistic icons of his time.