Fragonard Jean-Honoré

Fragonard Jean-Honoré

Jean-Honoré Fragonard was born in Grasse on the 5th of April 1732.

One of the greatest classical painters of the 18th century, he rapidly developed a particular taste for painting. At the age of six, he left the South with his family and moved to Paris, where he immersed himself in the city's famous artistic aura. He began his apprenticeship with Jean Siméon, a great painter of still lifes and genre scenes, before joining the studio of François Boucher. Contacts in the art world allowed Fragonard to rapidly acquire great artistic skill and develop his own artistic touch. At the age of twenty, he was awarded many prizes and set off to refine his technique in Italy. On his return to Paris, the artist was set up as a well-established painter receiving recognition from his colleagues and also from the Court; despite this, he remained keen to introduce his work to collectors, rather than to officials. Fragonard, a painting virtuoso admired by all, became a master of the artistic depiction of mythology, war, and scenes of love.


Jean-Honoré Fragonard died in Paris on 22 August 1806.  

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