Gaston Paris
Historian, Teacher, Writer

Gaston Paris

Gaston Paris : biography

Gaston Paris, known as well with the following name Gaston-Bruno-Paulin Paris, is a historian, teacher, writer born in 1903 in Avenay-Val-d'Or, France and who died in 1964 in Cannes, France. Gaston Paris belonged to the humor & bizarre, landscape photography, photographic portrait, abstract photography, celebrity, urban photography art style. He mainly worked during the war and roaring twenties period in the 20 century.

Gaston Paris : his main artworks

which are numerous illustrations of his favorite subject of work : humor & bizarre, landscape, transport, portrait, world culture, art / artists, celebrity, feminine beauty, religion, urban...

Gaston Paris : his life as an artist

Gaston Paris began his artist training in École des Chartes, Paris, France.

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