Hasui Kawase

Hasui Kawase (1883 – 1957) was a Japanese artist and one of the most prominent print designers of the shin-hanga ("new prints") movement.

After the bankruptcy of his parents' rope and thread business, at the age of 26 Kuwase was free to pursue his dreams of an art career. He approached the artist Kiyokata Kaburagi for training, who advised him to study Western painting, and after two years of studies under the tutelage of  Okada Saburōsuke, Kaburagi took him on. Kawase learnt Japanes style painting in the studio of Kabugari, producing watercolors of actors, everyday life and landscapes, many of which where published as illustrations in books and magazines. During the forty years of his artistic career, Hasui worked closely with Shōzaburō Watanabe, publisher and advocate of the shin-hanga movement. His works became widely known in the West through American connoisseur Robert O. Muller (1911–2003). In 1956, he was named a Living National Treasure in Japan.