Mucha Alfons

Mucha Alfons

Alfons Mucha was born in IvanÄŤice (Moravia) on 24 July 1860.


Born into a lower middle-class family, nothing predestined him to become a renowned artist; his parents were firmly opposed to their son's chosen vocation. He nevertheless decided to lead his own life and, by doing so, cut off all contact with them before beginning his apprenticeship at the theatre in Vienna, while attending drawing classes. Experiencing difficulties, he was forced to leave the theatre for financial reasons but eventually emerged from the shadows thanks to his meeting with Sarah Bernhardt, a big fan of his work. Finally revealed to the public, Mucha soon became the man of the moment as Art Nouveau was referred to for a time as "Mucha-style". In 1912, he threw body and soul into a new project, the dream of a lifetime, a historical epic of his people The Slav Epic, completed in 1928. Alfons Mucha, whose artistic genius is now well-established, left stunning works behind him, granting him a place among the greatest painters in the history of art.


Alfons Mucha died in Prague on 14 July 1939.


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