Renoir Auguste

Renoir Auguste

Pierre Auguste Renoir ( 1841-1919) was a french artist and founding member of the Impressionist movement. In 1863 he began his studies at the Beaux Arts in Paris and also integrated the private workshop of the artist Charles Gleyre, where he made friends with Alfred Sisley , Frédéric Bazille and Claude Monet.

Renoir, like the others of the Impressionist movement, looked to convey a sense of natural, in order to portray an impression of the present moment he was painting. He painted outside, ‘en plein air’ and many of his subjects were typically Impressionist , including landscapes and genre scenes and many portraits.

Renoir’s style differed from many of the other impressionists, such as Monet, for his paintings were often darker in tone and heavier in brushstroke and pigment.

By 1883 Renoir proclaimed that he felt he had exhausted the possibilities of Impressionism and thus entered into what is known as his Ingresque Period. Here his paintings took more classical inspiration , his figures and colours becoming bolder and more defined.


Renoir continued to develop his style and question his works until his death in 1919 in Cagnes sur Mer, France. 

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