Rubens Pierre Paul

Rubens Pierre Paul

Peter Paul Rubens was born in Siegen (Belgium) on 28 June 1577. 

After receiving an education at a Latin School where he focused exclusively on learning Latin, French and Flemish, he began his artistic training with painting at the age of thirteen.  Hoping to become a master in the field, he set off for Italy, home to the greatest artists of the time, and found himself in the service of the Duke of Mantua, a city imbued by the world of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. On his return to Antwerp, after the death of his mother, Rubens placed all his artistic hopes in the founding of a studio, the success of which would reach beyond Belgium's borders. From then on, commissions flowed in and the painter reached the pinnacle of his art with works such as The Judgement of Paris and The Three Graces. Throughout his career he was surrounded by numerous assistants, also artists, who became great painters in their own right after helping him. 

Peter Paul Rubens died in Antwerp on 30 May 1640, his health aggravated by gout.


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