Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley was born in Paris on 30 October 1839. 


Born into a bourgeois English family, nothing predestined him to become the sensitive and passionate artist that would go on to leave his mark on the history of art. His parents only saw him as a business employee and sent him to London when he was just eighteen. Sisley, full of sensitivity and not cut out for a life of toil, which for him was synonymous with sadness, decided to devote himself entirely to his love of art and only to live through painting, with the consent of his parents. He then met Renoir, Edgar Degas and Monet at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts; these artists had a great influence on him and turned his artistic life on its head, giving him a confidence he thought lost. A lover of nature and the harmony of landscape, with his paintbrush he captured the very last detail of its poetry in an outpouring of tenderness, so much so that he neglected the needs of his family, who were living in precarious conditions. After several unsuccessful exhibitions in France, Alfred Sisley provided an overview of his painting in New York in 1886. This success on the other side of the Atlantic came quickly and earned him membership of the Society of Fine Arts, although he continued to live in poverty. 


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