Vigée-Le Brun Elisabeth Louise

Vigée-Le Brun Elisabeth Louise

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun ( 1755-1842) was one of the most celebrated portraitists of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun demonstrated her artistic talent from a very young age. She trained in the workshops of Blaise Bocquet, Pierre Davesne and Gabriel Briard where she developed her delicate and sophisticated style of painting which would prove a huge success amongst European aristocracy.

 Although she came from a lower middle class family, she quickly rose through the hierarchies of the French aristocracy to become the official painter to Marie Antoinette in 1778. During the French Revolution she went into exile and travelled through Italy and Russia where she also met great success among their upper classes for her ‘French style’ portraits. She returned to Paris in 1802 and, quick to make the acquaintance of the likes of Josephine Bonaparte, she continued to paint portraits of the key figures of the French Empire and the European aristocracy until her death in 1842. 

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Vigée-Le Brun Elisabeth Louise