The Muzeo Workshop

Muzéo guarantees that your chosen piece of art will be carefully handcrafted in the heart of its Parisian workshop. Using the latest techniques, we are able to ensure that every artwork is of a quality worthy of a museum or art gallery, providing undeniable visual accuracy. 
"Quality worthy of a museum or art gallery"

Muzeo Craftsmanship

Our team of craftsmen and women are graduates from the best art schools in France, including the École Boulle, and pay careful attention when handcrafting every project. This is painstaking work that requires skill, a mastery of specific creative techniques and an extensive knowledge of the materials used. At Muzéo, we are keen to make sure that every order is produced to the highest standards.
The craftsmen and women working at Muzeo's workshop are committed to providing you with handmade artworks – created using the finest materials – resulting in a quality equal to that which you would find in an art gallery..

"100% made in France"
Small, medium or large, we offer three sizes as standard, but always maintain the geometric proportions of the original artwork Different media are available for every image selected. They each have different properties and effects. Choose the medium and frame that is right for you. Customize your Art print to fit perfectly with your home decor.

Our Art prints

Hand-stretched Canvas

The particular texture of a canvas hand-stretched and mounted on a frame is suitable for the reproduction of any classic or contemporary picture. .
The High-definition digital printing
and the final varnish create the impression
of an original artwork.

Fine Art paper

This grained fine art paper is suitable
for the reproduction of prints and engravings.
The texture and quality of the paper guarantee a high degree of faithfulness to the original drawing.

Photographic Paper

Suitable for all types of photos..
With a semi-gloss finish, this medium provides superior accuracy and respects natural colours.

Direct print on Aluminium

Direct printing on aluminium is primarily suited to photography
but also lends itself to drawing or paintings
while giving the artwork a contemporary feel.

Aluminium mounting

The photograph is first printed on high quality photographic paper,
and the mounted on an aluminium sheet
It gives a perfectly smooth and flat surface, ready to be hanged on your wall.

Aluminium mounting
with Perspex

This follows the same process as aluminium-mounting, but the print is covered with Perspex.
Giving a radiant and glossy finish to your artwork.
"100% made in France"

Our Frames

Depending your home décor and on the athmosphere you want to create, Muzéo can guide you towards different options:
• the simplicity of wood or aluminium for a modern subject
• white or gilded wooden mouldings for classic artworks
• a floating box to create relief in a contemporary style

Another way you can provide your artwork with added perspective is through the use of a mount. Like a frame within a frame, it brings out the edge of a drawing, watercolour or engraving.
Muzéo, Living Heritage Company, a label of excellence

The EPV label is a state recognition mark set up to promote French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial know-how.

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