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post impressionism wall art prints

Our artprints from post-impressionism drawing artworks will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these drawings will not fail to attract the eye. Post-impressionism is an inspiring and decorative art form. Muzeo offers you a selection of post-impressionism artworks for the most passionate art lovers in the form of framed prints, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our artprints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work.

Postimpressionism characteristics

Post-Impressionist drawing is a movement that was first introduced by the English art critic Roger Fry at an exhibition in London featuring paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cézanne. Unlike many styles in the history of art, this was not a single movement, but a group of artists, each with their own technique. This artistic revival did not call into question Impressionism, from which it drew its inspiration, the emotion conveyed by the works still being paramount. Many artists of this period were similar to both styles, while constantly evolving their drawing techniques, making Post-Impressionism a somewhat disordered period, but one of great artistic richness.

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Styles Post-impressionism  Realism (21)  Romanticism (6)  Nabis (1) 
Epochs Modern (404)  Contemporary (38)  Classical (3) 
Artists Henri Rivière (76)  Amedeo Modigliani (57)  Vincent Van Gogh (43)  Paul Cézanne (23)  William James Gla... (21)  Henri De Toulouse... (18)  Claire Spencer (17)  Louis Anquetin (13)  Paul Gauguin (12)  Paul César Helleu (11)  François Garas (9)  Harold Gilman (9)  Melchior Lechter (9)  Emile Boutin (8)  Osmund Caine (8)  Albert Besnard (6)  Nikolai Astrup (6)  Alan Byrne (5)  Marco Cazzulini (5)  Alice Pike Barney (5)  Edmond Aman-jean (4)  Joan González (4)  Spencer Frederick... (4)  Piet Mondrian (3)  Charles Milcendeau (3)  Marie-louise-cath... (3)  Leonid Osipovic P... (3)  Franklin Carmichael (3)  Gaston De La Touche (2)  Emile Schuffenecker (2)  Paul Besnard (2)  Hermann-paul (2)  Ignacio Zuloaga Y... (2)  Arnaud Durbec (2)  Mikuláš Galanda (2)  Maurice Brazil Pr... (2)  Paul Paeschke (2)  Suzanne Valadon (1)  Maxime Dethomas (1)  Joaquin Sorolla Y... (1)  Edward Hopper (1)  Robert Delaunay (1)  Paul-elie Ranson (1)  Charles Demuth (1)  Henri Lebasque (1)  Maxime Maufra (1)  Lucien Peri (1)  François Flameng (1)  Charles Cottet (1)  Joseph-félix Bouchor (1)  Mathurin Janssaud (1)  Lovell Birge Harr... (1)  Eugène Vidal (1)  Trevor Neal (1)  Giovanni Segantini (1)  Charles Toché (1)  Louis Abel-truchet (1)  William Ireland (1)  Louis Hayet (1)  Ludovic Piette (1)  Ermen Parini (1)  Louis Borgex (1)  Alfred Henry Maurer (1)  Glyn Warren Philpot (1)  Max Jacob (1)  Jozef Israëls (1)  Aleksandrs Apsit (1)  Knut Axel Hansen (1)  Malcolm Drummond (1)  William Strang (1)  André Dauchez (1)  Jérôme Denoix (1)  Joseph Pennell (1)  Alexandre Desgoffe (1)  Howard Russell Bu... (1)  Joaquim Mir (1) 
Subjects Portrait (123)  Landscape (83)  Seascape (42)  Genre Scenes (38)  Nude (36)  Still Life (18)  Urban (16)  Preparatory Drawi... (14)  Architecture (10)  Garden (9)  Hobby (8)  Food (6)  Dance (6)  Flowers & Botany (6)  Literature (5)  Fashion (5)  Music (5)  Feminine Beauty (4)  World Culture (4)  Mythology (3)  Transport (3)  History (2)  Religion (2)  Animals (2)  Fantasy (1)  Travel (1)  Abstraction (1)  Science & Technology (1)  Sport (1) 
Techniques Pastel (90)  Watercolor (69)  Pencil (52)  Gouache (25)  Lithograph (10)  Engraving (8)  Charcoal (6)  Oil On Canvas (3)  Acrylic (2)  Oil On Paper (2) 
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