Renaissance designs for trendy decoration

Renaissance designs for trendy decoration

Renaissance design developed in the 15th century and came to an end in the 16th century.

Renaissance drawing found its inspiration and its rules of perspective in Antiquity, marking a tangible break with the art of the Middle Ages. This period was based on scientific, literary and artistic discoveries. These new developments had a considerable impact on the palette and technique of the artists of yesteryear, who were more inclined to highlight the stature of Man. Renaissance drawing marked a profound change in art, moving away from religious paintings to focus on the beauty of bodies and minds. 


During the Renaissance, drawing became the foundation of all artistic expression, and some consider that it became the direct parent of the three major arts of architecture, sculpture and painting. Artists worked in their studios on behalf of commissions, drawing to sketch out and prepare a project, and to agree on the theme, figures and composition of the work.


The painters of the Renaissance, trying to achieve greater realism, tirelessly studied people, plants and animals in beautiful sketches. Dürer, for example, during his various travels, filled numerous sketchbooks with drawings of flora and fauna. For animal lovers, a fine art reproduction of his "Reclining Hare" is a great gift idea. But for a refined decoration, think of Leonardo da Vinci's "Portrait of Isabella d'Este".

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