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Surrealism had the ambition to reinvent man and society in the early 1920s. The fundamental idea of surrealism is to no longer trust one's reason, but to create outside of any aesthetic or moral concerns, in a semi-conscious state. Using incongruous collages, rubbings and exquisite cadavers, surrealist paintings conjure up fantastic universes, bizarre beings and hybrid objects that are all the more disturbing because they have one foot in reality and its representation. A reader of Freud, André Breton theorised surrealism by transposing his conviction that the true workings of the human mind can be understood by allowing unconscious thoughts to express themselves. In 1924, the journal "La Révolution surréaliste" was created and the "Bureau de recherches surréalistes" was opened, whose mission was to study the unconscious.

It was the publication of the "Manifesto of Surrealism" in the same year that established Surrealist art. Created in Paris, the Surrealist movement quickly spread throughout the world. Breton's grand project attracted a multitude of talents, artists and intellectuals: painters Dali, Magritte, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Victor Brauner... The ideas of surrealism were eventually recognised by critics and the public, as confirmed by the success of the International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris. The Second World War led to the dispersal of the group and put an end to the movement, which was not officially dissolved until 1969.

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Muzéo offers a large selection of surrealist style prints for your home decoration. Our surrealist style art prints are ideal for an elegant and unique interior. All our surrealism prints are printed on fine art paper or canvas on stretcher to give your surrealism print a museum quality. Our surrealism prints are also customisable in terms of size and framing, for which various possibilities are available on our website. This allows you to display the Surrealism print of your choice in the way you want. Our surrealist reproductions cover a large number of themes and subjects such as humour, the unusual, the fantastic or world cultures. You will also find some of the most important surrealist works such as Ubu Imperator by Max Ernst. Among the multitude of works offered in reproductions on Muzéo you will find the one that will best suit your interior and bring art to life in your home. You will also find a selection of surrealist artworks reproduced in paintings, framed or not, as well as high quality abstract/cubism or post-impressionism reproductions that will embellish the different rooms of your house.

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