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Orientalism style wall art prints

Our artprints from orientalist drawing artworks will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these drawings will not fail to attract the eye. Orientalism is an inspiring and decorative art form. Muzeo offers you a selection of orientalism artworks for the most passionate art lovers in the form of framed prints, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our artprints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work.

Orientalism pictorial style

Orientalist drawing represents a wide variety of subjects, referring to the vision of the Orient by Western artists. In its early days, this pictorial genre mainly depicted harem or combat scenes, but also oriental landscapes, while borrowing their typical drawing technique. The orientalists favoured reds, yellows and browns, as these colours had inspired the artists through their numerous journeys to the Orient.

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Artists Wilson Clive (186)  Eugène Delacroix (69)  Théodore Chasseriau (14)  Edouard Riou (5)  Alexandre Bida (4)  Félix Ziem (4)  Jean-léon Gérôme (3)  David Roberts (2)  Jean-auguste-domi... (2)  Gustave Guillaumet (2)  Eugène Fromentin (2)  Leander Russ (2)  Georges Clairin (1)  Pascal Coste (1)  Edward Lear (1)  Ernst Ludwig Kirc... (1)  Etienne Dinet (1)  James Tissot (1)  Charles-louis Balzac (1)  Machard P. (1)  Prosper Marilhat (1)  Rodolphe Bresdin (1)  Alexandre Iacovleff (1)  Carl Spitzweg (1)  Robert Frederick ... (1)  Charles-Émile Cal... (1)  Mathilde Bonaparte (1)  Jules-robert Auguste (1)  William Holman Hunt (1)  John Frederick Lewis (1)  Victor Mauboussin (1)  Amedeo Momo Simon... (1)  Attilio Simonetti (1)  Louis Dupré (1)  Edwin Lord Weeks (1)  Arthur Melville (1)  Kamal Muhammad (1)  Pietro Gonzaga (1) 
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