Contemporary paintings

Contemporary paintings

Contemporary painting developed in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Contemporary painting has its origins with avant-garde artists from the beginning of the 20th century and the appearance of photography, which now allows reality to be immortalized. Artists are redefining the aesthetics of their time for a less conventional art. Contemporary painting appears confusing or indifferent to those who indulge in more traditional painting.


Freed from the shackles of the schools, contemporary painters give free rein to their creativity, their canvases becoming the place of expression of personal and surprising universes. Maxwell Cohen, for example, has developed a shimmering, abstract body of work, whose key pieces are "Bourrasque" and "Atlantique".  These veritable explosions of colour will tastefully decorate the walls of your living room. As for the paintings by Hopper, an artist who took the completely opposite path of hyperrealism, they are excellent gift ideas for art lovers.

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