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Vintage communist or war propaganda wall Art : artprints & canvas prints

The propaganda poster marks a major turning point in the history of art. It keeps track of the main lines of the different revolutions in history, represented as a work of art. It is usually anti-political and presents a moralizing message to the population. The propaganda poster often highlights an exaggerated feature of a contentious situation in a simple but effective setting. It aims to attract the attention of as many people as possible to change the course of events.  

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Poster, Style Propaganda

Artworks Posters 
Styles Propaganda 
Epochs Modern (29)  Contemporary (26)  50's, 60's And 70's (1) 
Artists Anonymous (43)  Harland (1)  Harrison Fisher (1)  Clarence Underwood (1)  Edward Penfield (1)  Pierre Alechinsky (1)  James Montgomery ... (1)  Henri-gabriel Ibels (1)  Charles Livingsto... (1)  L.n. Britton (1)  William Haskell C... (1)  Ugo Finozzi (1)  A. O. Maksimov (1)  Meijer Bleekrode (1) 
Subjects History (46)  Humor & Bizarre (16)  Seascape (1)  Genre Scenes (1)  Urban (1) 
Techniques Lithograph (28)  Impression (6) 
Shapes Portrait (43)  Landscape (11)  Square (2) 
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