Classical drawings for interior decoration

Classical drawings for interior decoration

Classical drawing developed in the 17th century and came to an end at the end of the 19th century.

The classical period was also the golden age of printmaking. Renowned artists such as Hokusai and Rembrandt took this art form to new heights of refinement. Classical drawing represents an artistic ideal, suggesting perfection in both subject and composition. Composition is far more important than colour. This pictorial art is based on symmetry, with a critical eye on proportions, which is close to the rigour of the Baroque era. Classical drawing takes care to idealise the scenes and characters depicted, narrating relics of the past such as commonplace conveniences.


The great artists of the classical period, such as Le Brun, Turner, Rembrandt and Eugène Delacroix, known for their talent as painters, were also great draughtsmen. Drawings and preparatory works are often a fundamental preliminary stage in the great, superb and ambitious classical works. The drawing is not very finished and is part of the creative process, the painter's ideation that will bring his ideas and figures to life. For a sophisticated and original way to decorate your living room, hang this fine art reproduction of "Three eagles' heads" on your walls. Fragonard was also an extremely talented draughtsman. His illustrations for La Fontaine's tales and short stories are great gift ideas for literature lovers. 


Classicist drawing began in France in response to the excesses of the Rococo period and its highly charged settings. This style, much more sober and sensual, was based above all on noble subjects, inspired by mythology and biblical writings, highlighting man's strength in the face of nature. Pictorial technique became more refined, affirming the heyday of perspective and relegating landscapes to the status of simple decor of little importance. The arrival of neo-classical drawing established an artistic revival in the history of art, close to Antiquity, its primary inspiration. With great rigour and sobriety, the artists affiliated with classicism and neo-classicism practised their art by multiplying their sketches and drawings.

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