Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper was born in Nyack in New York State on 22 July 1882.

He is considered one of the greatest realist painters. He began his career in New York, before setting off for Europe. Paris in particular, proved a source of inspiration for him, as he was particularly fond of Impressionism. Moving back to America after his career failed to take off in France, Edward Hopper then left his job as an illustrator to paint. He became fascinated by portraying the rapid modernisation of America, which was the subject of his first solo exhibition at the Whitney Studio Club in 1920, that saw him acquire an international reputation. Edward Hopper was inspired by the daily life of the American middle classes and candidly shed light on the nostalgia and solitude that gripped their lives. His canvasses House by the Railroad (1925) and Night Windows (1928) are still a source of inspiration for great filmmakers, such as Hitchcock, Burton, the Cohen Brothers and Woody Allen.

Edward Hopper died on 15 May 1967 in New York.

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