François André Vincent

François André Vincent canvas prints & artprints

François André Vincent : biography

François André Vincent, is a painter born in 1746 in Paris, France and who died in 1816 in Paris, France. François André Vincent belonged to the french school art style. He mainly worked during the classical period in the 18 century.

François André Vincent : his main artworks

François André Vincent is famous for the following art works : portrait de trois hommes, henri iv à lieusaint chez le meunier michau, henri iv et sully à fontainebleau.... which are numerous illustrations of his favorite subject of work : portrait, great battles, history... In order to stare at his work in a museum or gallery, you need to go to musée du louvre, paris, france, château de fontainebleau, fontainebleau, france. The art work of François André Vincent are, indeed, mainly kept in musée du louvre, paris, france, château de fontainebleau, fontainebleau, france. Muzéo offers high quality canvas prints & artprints of the main artworks made by François André Vincent to embellish your home or your office.

François André Vincent : his life as an artist

François André Vincent began his artist training in Académie de Saint-Luc, Paris, France. Then François André Vincent continue his training and study with François Edouard Picot, Henri-François Riesener, Horace Vernet, Matthieu Ignace van Brée, Nicolas Gosse, Charles Thévenin, Louis-François Aubry. François André Vincent and Adélaïde Labille-Guiard are related and belong to the same family of artists. Among his students and apprentices, we noted that he taught Joseph Marie Vien.

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