Galland P.
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Galland P. : biography

Galland P., known as well with the following name Galland le Beau, is a south african poster artist born in 1877 in Longwy, France and who died in 1878 in Tournai, Belgique. Galland P. belonged to the advertisement, dreamlike photography art style. He mainly worked during the modern period in the 19 century.

Galland P. : his main artworks

Galland P. is famous for the following art works : famille française. verly..., beaulieu, la villa salles, cloître... which are numerous illustrations of his favorite subject of work : architecture, urban... In order to stare at his work in a museum or gallery, you need to go to bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. The art work of Galland P. are, indeed, mainly kept in bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. Muzéo offers high quality artprints & posters of the main artworks made by Galland P. to embellish your home or your office.

Galland P. : his life as an artist

Galland P. began his artist training in Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris. Then Galland P. continue his training and study with Bartolomeo di Giovanni. He became friend or had a working relationship with Claude Monet. Galland P. and Pierre-Victor Galland are related and belong to the same family of artists. He influenced the work of some other artists such as Edouard Manet. Among his students and apprentices, we noted that he taught Paul Klee.

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