Maurice Réalier-Dumas
Painter, Draughtsman, Printmaker

Maurice Réalier-Dumas canvas prints & artprints

Maurice Réalier-Dumas : biography

Maurice Réalier-Dumas, is a painter, draughtsman, printmaker born in Paris, France and who died in Chatou, France. Maurice Réalier-Dumas belonged to the advertisement, gastronomy, press art style. He mainly worked during the modern period.

Maurice Réalier-Dumas : his main artworks

Maurice Réalier-Dumas is famous for the following art works : pneumatic protector..., 41 rue st ferdinand, paris, madères blandy garantis d'origine..., où trouver du madère d'origine ?... which are numerous illustrations of his favorite subject of work : sport, food, genre scenes... In order to stare at his work in a museum or gallery, you need to go to bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. The art work of Maurice Réalier-Dumas are, indeed, mainly kept in bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. Muzéo offers high quality canvas prints & artprints of the main artworks made by Maurice Réalier-Dumas to embellish your home or your office.

Maurice Réalier-Dumas : his life as an artist

Maurice Réalier-Dumas began his artist training in Beaux-Arts de Paris, France. Among his students and apprentices, we noted that he taught Jean-Léon Gérôme.

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