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Valentin de Boulogne was born on January 3, 1591 in Coulommiers. It is supposed that he was trained by his father, who was also a painter, before going to Rome around 1610, where he spent his entire career. Never married and without children, Valentin de Boulogne is mainly known for his genre scenes and religious paintings. He is considered the painter who took over from Caravaggio, both by his way of life and by his naturalistic style. Valentin de Boulogne died on August 19, 1632 in Rome.

Valentin de Boulogne was a 17th century baroque painter. His famous works are "Jésus insulté par les soldats", "Le Tribut de César" et "Un concert".

Valentin de Boulogne was particularly associated with Simon Vouet, Caravaggio and Nicolas Régnier.

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