Van Leer L.

Van Leer L. artprints

Van Leer L. : biography

Van Leer L. born in Houten, Netherlands and who died in France. Van Leer L. belonged to the press art style. He mainly worked during the modern period.

Van Leer L. : his main artworks

Van Leer L. is famous for the following art works : the windsor magazine... which are numerous illustrations of his favorite subject of work : literature... In order to stare at his work in a museum or gallery, you need to go to bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. The art work of Van Leer L. are, indeed, mainly kept in bibliothèque nationale de france, paris, france. Muzéo offers high quality artprints of the main artworks made by Van Leer L. to embellish your home or your office.

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