Zenone Veronese

Zenone Veronese

Paolo Veronese was born in 1528 in the city of Verona. He was raised in a quite artistic environment, his father being a “spezapreda”, a stone carver and sculptor in Italian.  From a young age, he studied painting alongside Antonio Badile (a classic colorist) and Dominico Brusasorzi. Quickly Veronese showed a vast knowledge and experience about painting, especially in colouring. Mindful his skills in colouring, Veronese is one of the most important members of the Venetian school and his work his generally characterized by its dazzling use of colour and light. He is also especially renowned for his banquet paintings, his most famous painting being The wedding feast at Cana, painted in 1563 and now displayed at the Louvre in Paris. Veronese died in 1588 in Venice.


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