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Baroque wall art prints

Our artprints from baroque drawing artworks will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these drawings will not fail to attract the eye. Baroque style is an inspiring and decorative art form. Muzeo offers you a selection of baroque artworks for the most passionate art lovers in the form of framed prints, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our artprints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work.

Sketches & Drawings in Baroque Art

The modesty of a sketch does not suit the sophistication of the Baroque. Nevertheless, some artists affiliated with this movement proved to be very good draughtsmen. Rubens, for example, was famous for the refinement of his studies. For a sophisticated decoration, think of hanging on the walls of your living room the art reproduction of "Virgin and Child, with Saint Elizabeth and Saint John".

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Styles Baroque  Rococo (5) 
Epochs Classical (252)  Renaissance (7) 
Artists Rembrandt (43)  Peter Paul Rubens (25)  Jean Berain Père (20)  Hans Simon Holtzb... (18)  Edme Bouchardon (9)  Jacques Callot (8)  Domenichino (7)  Antoon Van Dyck (6)  Baroccio (6)  Adrien Van Ostade (6)  Jean Siméon Chardin (5)  Pieter Boel (5)  Joseph Vivien (5)  Robert Nanteuil (4)  Guercino (3)  Guido Reni (3)  Bartolomé Esteban... (3)  Adam Frans Van De... (3)  Simon Vouet (3)  Anonymous (3)  Jan Brueghel The ... (3)  Guercino (after) (3)  Joseph Parrocel (2)  Giovanni Francesc... (2)  Jacob Jordaens (2)  Pierre Patel (2)  Benedetto Luti (2)  Pier Francesco Mola (2)  Michel Corneille ... (2)  Alonso Cano (2)  L'algarde (2)  Giovanni Battista... (2)  David Teniers The... (1)  Edward Lear (1)  Giovanni Paolo Pa... (1)  Antoine Coypel (1)  Alexandre-françoi... (1)  Claude Mellan (1)  Jean De Saint-igny (1)  Alessandro Turchi (1)  Israël Silvestre (1)  Stefano Della Bella (1)  Lodovico Cigoli (1)  Jean-baptiste Hen... (1)  Jan Van Goyen (1)  Pietro Faccini (1)  Alessandro Tiarini (1)  Ludolf Backhuysen (1)  Luca Cambiaso (1)  Jan Lievens L'ancien (1)  Ferdinand Bol (1)  Bernardo Strozzi (1)  Ottavio Leoni (1)  Giovanni Benedett... (1)  Roelandt Savery (1)  Sebastiano Ricci (1)  Salvator Rosa (1)  Hans Friedrich Sc... (1)  Jan Hackaert (1)  Jan Van Kessel (1)  Andrea Commodi (1)  Giovanni Battista... (1)  Antonio Del Casti... (1)  Lambert Doomer (1)  Charles-françois ... (1)  Zeeman (1)  Jan Van Aken (1)  Abraham Genoels (1)  Aert Schouman (1)  Conradt Weyler (1)  Paulus Van Vianen (1)  Matthäus Merian (1)  Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1)  Johann Elias Ridi... (1)  Alonso Berruguete (1)  Sebastian De Herr... (1)  Mathurin Robelot (1)  Dirk-theodor Helm... (1)  Michael Leopold W... (1)  Nico Steffelaar (1) 
Subjects Portrait (72)  Religion (40)  Landscape (19)  Flowers & Botany (19)  Animals (16)  Nude (12)  Architecture (7)  History (7)  Mythology (7)  Genre Scenes (7)  Preparatory Drawi... (7)  Great Battles (4)  Music (4)  Fantasy (2)  Seascape (2)  Feminine Beauty (1)  Food (1)  Still Life (1)  Travel (1)  Urban (1)  Transport (1) 
Techniques Pencil (128)  Gouache (34)  Watercolor (32)  Pastel (26)  Engraving (9)  Charcoal (2)  Oil On Paper (2)  Estampe (1)  Oil On Wood (1)  Oil On Cardboard (1) 
Shapes Portrait (155)  Landscape (83)  Square (18)  Panoramic (2)  Slim (1) 
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