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Subjects : Landscape
Keywords : Painting, Peru, South America, South American, cross, cross, landscape, nature, Painting, river, river, snow
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To fully enjoy «Heart of the Andes» by Frederic Edwin Church, we recommend the medium size (60x108.8 cm) printed on hand stretched canvas, with the gilded mouldings - thin frame.
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Heart of the Andes

In the Heart of the Andes : The Splendour of Frederic Edwin Church's Work

In the world of painting, "In the Heart of the Andes" is a major work that deserves to be studied and admired. This superb work by Frederic Edwin Church, a 19th-century American artist, is a testament to the exceptional talent of this painter.

History of this masterful work

Relatively little known in Europe, "In the Heart of the Andes" is nevertheless a landmark work by the American artist Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), led by the currents of the Hudson River School and Luminism. Painted in 1859, almost a decade after his impressive trip to South America, this gigantic work on canvas was intended to amaze the North American public with grandiose landscapes of the Andean mountains.

Inspiring journey and early sketches

In 1853, struck by the enthralling reading of the work "Voyage to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent" written by Alexander von Humboldt - a famous German naturalist - Church then decided to set out to conquer these distant lands. Armed with his sketchbook and cameras, the artist thus criss-crossed Colombia, Ecuador and British Columbia, with the aim of transcribing his discoveries.The sketches and sketches made during this journey would later serve as the basis for other major works, such as "Cotopaxi" (1862) and "Cayambe" (1858).

Visual description of the work

Overwhelming in size - almost 1.68 metres by 3 - "In the Heart of the Andes" is an oil on canvas created with a fascinating attention to detail. If you linger for a few moments in front of this work, you can then distinguish several key elements of the composition

The majesty of the Andean landscapes

Church was able to pay homage to the mountains overlooking the inter-Andean valley. This is how the snow-capped peaks of Chimborazo, Pichincha and Cotopaxi appear on the canvas. Their steep slopes blend in perfect harmony with the subtle nuances of the clouds and the sky above, giving incredible depth to the work as a whole.

Lush nature and a green setting

One of the great strengths of "Au coeur des Andes" undoubtedly lies in its depiction of the plant world. Each plant has been created with remarkable attention to detail palms, breadfruit trees, tree ferns and even wild orchids add life and exoticism to an already striking setting.

"In the Heart of the Andes" and the artistic journey of Frederic Edwin Church

"In the Heart of the Andes" is undoubtedly a turning point in Frederic Edwin Church's career. Far from the exaggerated romanticism of his earlier works such as "The Icebergs" (1851) or "Niagara Falls from the American Side" (1857), this canvas marks a step towards the realism that so fascinates today.

The influence of Humboldt and the desire to transcend nature

Inspired by Alexander von Humboldt and his desire to faithfully transcribe the natural beauty of the landscapes he discovered on his travels, Church then decided to distance himself from idealised representations of a wild, unexplored world. He was then unafraid to go into great detail, peppering his landscapes with scenes from the daily lives of the indigenous populations, to offer a truly immersive experience.

A consecration in North America

Following the completion of "In the Heart of the Andes", Frederic Edwin Church exhibited his masterpiece in the four corners of America, bringing him recognition and popularity. The public was simply dazzled. In just a few years, this work became a symbol of Church's artistic mastery.


This artwork is a painting from the classical period. It belongs to the american school styles and romanticism styles.


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