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Subjects : Humor & Bizarre
Keywords : 20th century, 24959, Cancer, freedom of the press, poster, sign of the zodiac
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Our recommendation for Sois Jeune et Tais toi by anonymous

To fully enjoy «Sois Jeune et Tais toi» by anonymous, we recommend the large size (74.1x60 cm) printed on fine art paper, with the wenge wood frame.
The artwork

Sois Jeune et Tais toi

Sois jeune et tais-toi : l'emblématique affiche de mai 1968

When we think of May 68, one image often comes to mind: that of the poster "Sois jeune et tais-toi" ("Be young and shut up"). This anonymous work has become emblematic of the student and worker movement that shook France fifty years ago.

The history of the "Sois jeune et tais-toi"


The title of the poster is inspired by a famous phrase attributed (wrongly) to the French government of the time: "Youth is made to live and be silent". In reality, it's a misappropriation of the proverb "Youth must learn everything, but only the old keep it quiet by whispering to them that to know is violence."

The poster was produced during the events of May 1968, following an order placed by the student union Union Nationale des Étudiants de France (UNEF). It was printed in large quantities and distributed widely at demonstrations and on the walls of universities occupied by striking students.

Author anonymity

In contrast to some other May 68 posters, the author of "Sois jeune et tais-toi" has never been clearly identified.All we know is that he worked in a Parisian studio that brought together several artists involved in the student movement. This anonymity testifies to the collective and supportive nature of the events of May 1968, where everyone contributed their stone to the edifice.

Description of the "Sois jeune et tais-toi"


The "Sois jeune et tais-toi" poster is composed of three elements. The face of a student, from the front, embodies determined youth. This student is gagged by the hand of a silhouette in profile, wearing kepi and a long, caricatured nose: the shadow of General de Gaulle. The phrase "Be young and shut up" is written in red capitals on a white background, next to this struggling duo.

This composition is deliberately simple and uncluttered, in order to be easily understandable and make a lasting impression. It perfectly symbolizes the censorship suffered by young people during this period. In addition, the use of red, in contrast with the white of the paper, attracts attention and reinforces the message conveyed by the poster.This graphic choice lends a rebellious, anti-establishment aspect to the poster, in keeping with the ideals of the May 68 student movement


The role of this work in political debate

Although the author of "Sois jeune et tais-toi" has remained anonymous, this poster has played an important role in the field of graphic arts and political communication. It is considered one of the major pieces of French artistic heritage, and testifies to the willingness of artists of the time to engage in social struggles by putting their know-how at the service of the dissemination of protest messages.


This artwork is a poster from the contemporary period. It belongs to the propaganda style.


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