Joseph Vernet

Joseph Vernet

Joseph Vernet was born on August 14, 1714 in Avignon. Joseph Vernet was the son of a decorative painter and thus had been immerses in the art world from a very young age. His father taught him the basics of painting. The artist then left for Aix-en-Provence to become the apprentice of one of his friends, Jacques Vialy, before returning to his family in 1731 to work alongside Philippe Sauvan. Vernet's graduation from the Academies of Saint-Luc in Rome, Paris and of Painting and Sculpture in Marseille allowed him to carry out numerous commissions for illustrious personalities of the time. He even managed to paint the portrait of King Louis XV and of Madame de Pompadour, an undeniable opportunity for a young painter at that time seeking to gain a certain recognition. Joseph Vernet's marine works, tinged with poetry and elegance, manage to creates the truest images. The storms and sunsets moved the spectators. Those paintings made his reputation. Joseph Vernet died on December 3, 1789 in Paris.

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