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Symbolism wall art prints

Our artprints from symbolist drawing artworks will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these drawings will not fail to attract the eye. Symbolism is an inspiring and decorative art form. Muzeo offers you a selection of symbolist artworks for the most passionate art lovers in the form of framed prints, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our artprints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work.

symbolism style characteristics

Symbolist drawing is the very opposite of impressionist drawing. It finds its inspiration in nature by wanting to enter the mind of man rather than his eyes. This innovative style, which emerged after the progress of photography, relies on imagination and emotion. The artists let their art transport the viewer into their world. Themes such as loneliness, death, fantasy and women are used as inspiration for their artistic projects. This symbolism pictorial trend abandons traditional codes to create a supernatural aura in their sketches.

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Styles Symbolism  Art Nouveau (10)  Expressionism (2)  Abstract Art (1) 
Epochs Modern (366)  Classical (7)  Renaissance (1) 
Artists Odilon Redon (183)  Gustave Moreau (102)  Léon Spilliaert (32)  Gustav Klimt (9)  Fernand Khnopff (9)  Pierre Puvis De C... (4)  Mikhail Aleksandr... (4)  Akseli Gallen-kal... (3)  Félicien Rops (3)  Ford Madox Brown (2)  Alphonse Osbert (2)  Charles Baudelaire (2)  Konstantin Andree... (2)  John Bauer (2)  John Anster Fitzg... (2)  Wenzel Hablik (1)  Dante Gabriel Ros... (1)  Wassily Kandinsky (1)  Ferdinand Hodler (1)  Alexej Von Jawlensky (1)  Emile René Ménard (1)  Jan Toorop (1)  Anonymous (1)  James Ensor (1)  Marsden Hartley (1)  Charles-marie Dulac (1)  Charles Filiger (1)  Albert Cresswell (1) 
Subjects Portrait (73)  Mythology (51)  Fantasy (42)  Still Life (32)  Flowers & Botany (32)  Landscape (28)  Religion (28)  Nude (26)  Preparatory Drawi... (25)  Animals (15)  Feminine Beauty (11)  Seascape (10)  Literature (9)  History (7)  World Culture (6)  Garden (4)  Music (4)  Transport (4)  Genre Scenes (2)  Dance (2)  Architecture (1)  Art / Artists (1)  Humor & Bizarre (1)  Travel (1)  Urban (1)  Hobby (1)  Sport (1) 
Techniques Pencil (105)  Pastel (76)  Watercolor (47)  Gouache (18)  Charcoal (16)  Lithograph (9)  Engraving (6)  Oil On Paper (3)  Oil On Canvas (2) 
Shapes Portrait (284)  Landscape (63)  Square (18)  Slim (8)  Panoramic (1) 
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