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italian school fine art prints and canvas prints

The term "Italian school" refers to a system of style classification from a given region or city. The most famous Italian schools are: the Florentine school, the Roman school, the Venetian school and the Bolognese school. Other regions or artistic centres also gave rise to schools, such as Emilia-Romagna (the Forli school and the Parma school), Lombardy (the Lombardy school, the Mantua school) and Tuscany (which, in addition to the Florentine school, also includes the Sienese and Lucan schools).


Our canvas prints of Italian School paintings bring a touch of artistic refinement and history to your interior design. The works of the Italian school, created by masters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Titian, are timeless masterpieces that evoke an aura of grandeur and sophistication through their stunning aesthetics and visual richness.


An artprint of these iconic paintings with their vibrant colours, meticulous detail and harmonious compositions by the Italian school brings a touch of classic, timeless art to your decor, becoming the focal point of your space.

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Among the most emblematic schools of painting in the history of art, the Italian school occupies a prominent place, with renowned artists who left their mark on their era. The visionary artists of the Italian school each gave rise to distinct artistic centres that contributed to the emergence of various subdivisions within the great Italian school, such as the Roman school, the Florentine school, the Bolognese school, the Milanese school, the Umbrian school, the Neapolitan school, the Lombardy school, the Venetian school, and many others. The Italian school is thus a melting pot of innovation and diversity, where talent has flourished and illuminated the art world down the centuries. It would be better to speak of several Italian schools.


In Rome, Raphael amazed the art world with his striking frescoes and portraits, while in Florence, Giotto was hailed as the undisputed founder of the Florentine school, paving the way for a host of talented artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, whose revolutionary works have left an indelible mark. Correggio, in Parma, also left his mark on the Italian school with his innovative approach to composition and light, while Titian, in Venice, dazzled the world with his masterful portraits and evocative landscapes.


Florence is a major artistic centre, considered by historiography as the cradle of the Renaissance. Its school is said to have been founded in the 13th century by Cimabue. He is also recognised by Giorgio Vasari as the first artist to break free from the Byzantine tradition. His artistic concepts were continued by the pupils of his workshop, such as Giotto.  The Florentine school reached its peak in the 15th century in the work of Michelangelo. Michelangelo's creations demonstrate the pre-eminence of drawing which is one of the characteristics of the Florentine school. Other artists, such as Giotto, Masaccio, Sandro Botticelli and Pisanello, contributed to its influence. The Roman school is based in Rome also known as the “eternal city”. Its main representative is Raphael. The Venetian school developed from the 14th to the 18th century in the Venice region. It is characterized by a mastery of colour, the "Venetian colouring". Its main representatives are Titian, Antonio Canaletto, and Francesco Guardi (the last two also being representatives of Italian Vedutisme). Finally, the Bologna school was founded around the city of Bologna, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. The Carracci brothers and cousins, Guido Reni and L'Albane are its main representatives.

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Styles Italian School  Mannerism (1) 
Epochs Classical (69)  Middle Ages (46)  Modern (46)  Antiquity (3)  Renaissance (2) 
Artists Italian School (36)  Giuseppe Canella (12)  Giotto Di Bondone (6)  Bartolo Di Fredi (5)  Bernardo Daddi (4)  Federigo Andreotti (4)  Gioacchino Serangeli (3)  Johann Baptist Vo... (3)  Tommaso Del Mazza (3)  Vittorio Matteo C... (3)  Arturo Rietti (3)  Michele Gordigiani (3)  Jan Van Grevenbroeck (3)  Gentile Da Fabriano (2)  Giovanni Costa (2)  Anonymous (2)  Mariotto Di Nardo (2)  Ludovico Venuti (2)  Ludovico Brea (2)  Francesco D'antonio (2)  Eugenio Landesio (2)  Leopoldo Metlicovitz (2)  Vittorio Reggianini (2)  Cesare-auguste Detti (2)  Alessandro Milesi (2)  Tito Conti (2)  Pompeo Massani (2)  Pietro Da Rimini (1)  Maître De San Jac... (1)  Niccolò Di Tommaso (1)  Maître De San Mar... (1)  Mello Da Gubbio (1)  Giovanni Battista... (1)  Maître Degli Scorci (1)  Maître De Giovann... (1)  Simone Martini (1)  Lorenzo Monaco (1)  Luigi Calamatta (1)  Stefano Bruzzi (1)  Giovanni Carlo Be... (1)  Guido Da Siena (1)  Giovanni Boccati (1)  Paolo Veneziano (1)  Giovanni Francesc... (1)  Maître De La Nati... (1)  Pietro Di Giovann... (1)  Maître De L'obser... (1)  Benozzo Gozzoli (1)  Giuseppe Visone (1)  Giuliano Di Simon... (1)  Vitale Da Bologna (1)  Carlo Bugatti (1)  Paolo Da Visso (1)  Pietro Lianori (1)  Giuseppe Pietro B... (1)  Michele Cusa (1)  Andrea Soldi (1)  Cesare Campini (1)  Pietro Lucchini (1)  Guglielmo Zocchi (1)  Giuseppe Rillosi (1)  Angelo Inganni (1)  Pietro Baldini (1)  Giulio Carlini (1)  Adriano Bonifazi (1)  Filadelfo Simi (1)  Antonio David (1)  Vittorio Rignano (1)  Pietro Marussig (1)  Ubaldo Oppi (1)  Italico Brass (1)  H. Vittori Romano (1)  Giuseppe Ricci (1)  Pedro Gualdi (1)  Taddeo Di Bartolo (1)  V. Capobianca (1)  Carlo Crivelli (1) 
Subjects Portrait (79)  Religion (32)  History (10)  Architecture (7)  Fashion (7)  Landscape (4)  Music (3)  Literature (2)  Mythology (2)  Genre Scenes (2)  Nude (1)  Food (1)  Garden (1)  Still Life (1)  Urban (1)  Dance (1)  Hobby (1) 
Techniques Oil On Canvas (99)  Oil On Wood (34)  Oil On Cardboard (5)  Distemper (3)  Oil On Panel (2)  Watercolor (1)  Fresco (1)  Oil On Metal (1)  Tempera (1) 
Shapes Portrait (116)  Landscape (36)  Slim (7)  Square (6)  Panoramic (1) 
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