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The adjective naive was regularly used to describe painters of popular origin and self-taught who were followers of Henri Rousseau, also known as the Douanier Rousseau. The expression "naive art" was not consecrated until 1960 thanks to Anatole Jakovsky who, as early as 1949, used it in many of his works on this subject. This art is practised by artists who are not initiated into painting and who have not received academic training. The naive art movement is characterised by the non-respect of the rules established by the Academy. Indeed, naive artists question the notion of perspective, which they represent with distorted proportions. They paint popular subjects, landscapes, characters or even exotic animals, sometimes with a facility in the forms that recall children's drawings. It is because of this similarity that the movement is called "naive". The forms are exuberant and the colours are vivid, applied in flat tones. The great painters of naive art are Henri Rousseau, André Bauchant, Séraphine de Senlis, Emma Stern and Ferdinand Cheval.


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Our naive art prints will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these paintings will not fail to attract the eye. The naive art style is a very inspiring and decorative art trend. Muzeo offers you a selection of naive artworks for art lovers in the form of paintings, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our art reproductions are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work

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Artists Henri Rousseau (114)  Peter Davidson (39)  Ann Brain (32)  Fabienne Delacroix (31)  Anthony Southcombe (18)  Niko Pirosmani (12)  Frances Broomfield (11)  Anthony Breslin (11)  Micaela Antohi (6)  Ikahl Beckford (6)  Edward Hicks (5)  Séraphine De Senlis (5)  Jerzy Marek (4)  Emil Parrag (4)  Pavel Filonov (3)  Louis Vivin (3)  John Kane (3)  Peter Szumowski (2)  Théodore Rousseau (1)  Octave Morillot (1)  Jean Escudier (1)  Anonymous (1)  Tamas Galambos (1)  Judy Joel (1)  Liz Wright (1)  Lisa Graa Jensen (1)  Magdolna Ban (1)  Pj Crook (1)  André Bauchant (1)  Radi Nedelchev (1)  Paul Powis (1)  Susan Bower (1)  Elizabeth Wang (1)  American School (1)  Amrita Sher-gill (1)  William Britton (1)  Mexican School (1)  Jose Maria Estrada (1)  Antonio Serrano (1)  Alfredo Ramos Mar... (1)  Horace Bundy (1) 
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Techniques Oil On Canvas (231)  Watercolor (9)  Pastel (9)  Oil On Panel (8)  Oil On Paper (7)  Tempera (7)  Acrylic (5)  Oil On Wood (5)  Gouache (1)  Oil On Cardboard (1) 
Shapes Landscape (191)  Portrait (121)  Square (19)  Panoramic (1) 
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