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pop art fine art prints and canvas prints

Pop art is primarily inspired by the popular culture of the consumer society, as its name suggests. The sources of inspiration for pop art are therefore the daily newspapers, people magazines, popular comics, advertising, cult films and utilitarian everyday objects with their brand logos, without any artistic requirements. Pop artists reclaim these images from popular culture and take everyday objects out of their context and put them back into their artistic productions, giving them a whole new dimension and meaning, without a certain irony that recalls the iconoclastic approach of the Dada movement of the 1920s. Beyond a critical reading of consumer society, pop art also criticizes the very concept of art. Pop art is widespread, desacralizing art by transforming it into a consumer product, endlessly reproducible, simple, financially accessible and ephemeral. Pop art also questions a period during which the omnipresence of images exploded in consumer society: media, television, advertising, fashion and celebrity magazines... With pop art, these images lose their primary quality of carrying a message and are emptied of their meaning.

Les œuvres majeures du style pop art

Our pop art artprints will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these paintings will not fail to attract the eye. The pop art style is a very inspiring and decorative art trend. Muzeo offers you a selection of pop art paintings for art lovers in the form of pictures, cushions, wallpaper or lampshades. All our art prints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work

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Styles Pop Art 
Epochs Contemporary 
Artists Damilare Jamiu (6)  Antony Donaldson (3)  Bernard Rancillac (2)  Justyna Jaszke (2)  Laila Shawa (1)  Trevor Neal (1)  Joe Black (1)  Hiro Yamagata (1) 
Subjects Portrait (10)  Feminine Beauty (6)  Fashion (5)  Nude (3)  Sport (2)  Cinema (1)  History (1)  Music (1)  Genre Scenes (1) 
Techniques Acrylic (2)  Watercolor (1)  Oil On Paper (1)  Photograph (1) 
Shapes Portrait (11)  Square (2)  Panoramic (2)  Landscape (2) 
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