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Suprematism fine art prints and canvas prints

Suprematism, developed by the Russian painter Kazimir Malevich around 1915, was an artistic movement that broke with traditional forms of representation. Advocating the primacy of pure geometric form, such as the square and the circle, Suprematism moved away from figurative representation to focus on the abstract expression of the idea. Suprematist artists sought to transcend material reality by creating pure, balanced compositions that reflected a universal language of shapes and colours. This quest to reach the essence of art, free of any reference to the outside world, marked a decisive turning point in the history of painting.


Suprematist painting is characterised by its minimalism and apparent simplicity, although behind each work lies a profound conceptual reflection. Suprematist artists used elementary geometric shapes - mainly squares, circles, lines and rectangles - arranged to create dynamic, balanced compositions. Primary colours and non-colours such as white, black and grey were widely used to intensify the visual effect of the paintings. This pared-down aesthetic aimed to evoke a pure sensory and emotional experience, freeing art from any narrative or descriptive constraints.



famous Suprematism painting artworks

"Black Square on a White Background" by Kazimir Malevich is an emblematic painting of the Suprematist movement. This minimalist painting features a black square perfectly centred on an immaculate white background, symbolising the ultimate idea of purity and abstraction. Similarly, Malevich's "Red Square on a Black Background" and "Blue Square on a White Background" also express this pure, geometric aesthetic, representing the universal language of shapes and colours. Another landmark work, Malevich's "Suprematist Composition: White on White" demonstrates a subtle harmony of white shades, exploring the infinite possibilities of expression through the interplay of textures and light. These bold and visionary Suprematism paintings paved the way for a new era in abstract art and continue to fascinate us.




With its pure, minimalist visual language, Suprematism brings a unique energy to your decor, captivating the eye and stimulating the imagination. The neutral tones and pure forms of these paintings harmonise easily with any style of decoration, from minimalism to contemporary design and industrial style. A canvas print will give your home a touch of artistic avant-garde in a resolutely modern atmosphere.

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