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Keywords : Painting, death, drowning, father, Painting, shipwreck, son, sound, storm, storm, tragedy, wreck
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To fully enjoy «Adieu» by Alfred Guillou, we recommend the medium size (60x85.8 cm) printed on hand stretched canvas, with the gilded mouldings - thin frame.
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Alfred Guillou's Farewell: emotion through painting

The French painter Alfred Guillou was born in 1844 and left his mark on his era with his talent, particularly through one of his major works entitled L'Adieu. This canvas bears witness to the artistic genius of a man with a passion for the sea and the everyday lives of the people of his time.

A childhood rocked by the sea

Born into a family of Breton fishermen, Alfred Guillou grew up on the wild coast of Brittany, where he was fascinated by the sea and the landscapes around him from an early age. It was in this inspiring environment that he took his first steps as a self-taught artist, learning painting techniques on his own. This would later enable him to develop a style all his own, imbued with realism and poetry.

The rise to recognition

In search of new experiences, Alfred Guillou left for Paris to study art. There he opened his studio and worked tirelessly to make a name for himself. His first exhibitions met with modest success, but enough encouragement to persevere. It was at the Paris Salon in 1870 that his career really took off, with a first medal for his painting Le Retour du pardon. From then on, his reputation only grew and he became one of the most highly regarded French painters of his time.

L'Adieu: an emblematic work

Of his many canvases, L'Adieu is undoubtedly the one that has left the greatest mark on art history. This work, created in 1892, is now considered a masterpiece of the French Naturalist school. It depicts a shipwreck and the drowning of a Breton woman. Her companion kisses her goodbye as she seems to have already left the world of the living. The viewer can feel all the sadness and that emanates from this moving scene of drama.

The composition and colours

As in many of his paintings, Alfred Guillou uses sober, nuanced colours to depict this poignant scene. Grey, blue and green tones dominate the composition, reinforcing the melancholy atmosphere that prevails. What's more, the way the figures are arranged creates a striking depth, drawing the viewer's attention all the more to the distress of the woman in the foreground.

A tribute to Breton women

Through this painting, Alfred Guillou also pays tribute to the Breton women of his time, who were often left alone with their children while sailors went to sea for long periods. Their courage and devotion are highlighted here, echoing the painter's love for his native region.

Alfred Guillou's influence on French painting

Thanks to his talent and his works imbued with realism and emotion, Alfred Guillou had a considerable influence on French painting at the end of the 19th century. His unique style inspired many artists of his time and continues to fascinate art lovers to this day.

A model for contemporary artists

L'Adieu, along with all of Alfred Guillou's paintings, is a true model for contemporary artists. Indeed, his works demonstrate an exceptional mastery of pictorial technique, while accurately expressing the emotions and concerns of the people of that era. As a result, many of today's artists draw inspiration from his work to create their own paintings.

A source of inspiration for the visual arts

In addition to painting, Alfred Guillou's works have also found an echo in other artistic disciplines such as cinema and photography. Indeed, the evocative power of his paintings has inspired many directors and photographers over the decades, who seek to capture the emotion and beauty of everyday scenes as this Breton painter did so well.


This artwork is a painting from the modern period. It belongs to the academism style.


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Alfred Guillou

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