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Subjects : Religion
Keywords : 19th century, Classicism, attached, death, drowning, halo, martyr, river, stretched out, woman
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The artwork

La jeune martyre

Paul Delaroche's The Young Martyr: A Symbolic and Emblematic Work

Nineteenth-century French painting was home to some highly talented artists, including Paul Delaroche, a painter who marked his era with works that were both historical and symbolic. Among these works, one of the most famous is undoubtedly La Jeune Martyre (oil on canvas), a composition imbued with mystery and charged with emotion.

History and origin of The Young Martyr

The inspiration behind this work is not precisely known, but it is established that Paul Delaroche was interested in religious themes throughout his career.He was particularly fond of depicting Christian martyrs in different ways.Thus, La Jeune Martyre could be an evocation of the persecution of Christians during the first centuries of our era.

Moreover, some hypotheses suggest that Delaroche was inspired by a poem by the British poet Coventry Patmore entitled "The Angel in the House", one of whose main characters, a young girl named Honoria, was the inspiration for the painting.

The Young Martyr was first exhibited to the public at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1855. There it was particularly well received by the public and critics alike, helping to increase the artist's already considerable fame.

Visual description of The Young Martyr: a poignant scene

La Jeune Martyre is an oil on canvas painting measuring 55 x 46 cm and now housed in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes. The artist adopted a realistic style typical of his time, finely capturing the details of every element present in the composition, from the landscape to the anatomy of the young woman.

The central character: a young martyred woman

In the centre of the painting, we discover the lifeless body of a young woman dressed in a white dress, floating in the calm waters of a river with silver reflections. Her hands are tied in front of her. Her face seems gentle and resigned, in contrast to the expression of agony one might expect from such a subject.

The posture of the victim, and the soft lighting that illuminates her face and shoulders, lend an angelic aura to the figure.This depiction does not seek to evoke horror, but rather a form of empathy towards the young martyr and the drama of her death.

The landscape: a peaceful natural setting

The young woman seems to capture all the light in the painting, while the rest of the scene is cast in shadow. The surface of the water, calm and shiny, faintly reflects the hues of a delicately hued setting sun. The composition's tight framing gives depth to the scene and reinforces its solemn character.

Religious symbols: an omnipresent spirituality

Several elements present in Delaroche's work refer to the Christian religion and transform this tragic scene into a fervent tribute to the faith of the young martyr. As well as the white dress - similar to a shroud or virginal garment - evoking innocence and purity, the tied hands symbolise the persecution suffered by the first Christians. These elements suggest that the young woman witnessed her faith to the death, despite the suffering inflicted.

The role of La Jeune Martyre in Paul Delaroche's artistic career

By the time this work was produced, Paul Delaroche was already a painter recognised and appreciated for his historical compositions, such as Napoléon à Fontainebleau or La prise de la smalah d'Abd-el-Kader. However, La Jeune Martyre was a turning point in the artist's career, as he temporarily abandoned battle scenes and official portraits to explore the theme of martyrdom with a more intimate and sensitive approach.


This artwork is a painting from the classical period. It belongs to the romanticism style.


« La jeune martyre » is kept at Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.


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Paul Delaroche

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