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Subjects : Nude
Keywords : Art Nouveau, Painting, Pisces, couple, happiness, kiss, love, man, sign of the zodiac, tenderness, woman
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The Kiss is also available as...

 Mural Cushion Lampshade
The artwork

The Kiss

Gustav Klimt's Kiss: A work of art that amazes

The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt is one of the most famous and emblematic painters of the Symbolist and Art Nouveau movement, having left behind an immeasurable artistic legacy. Among his most admired works, "The Kiss" remains an icon, a painting emblematic of love, passion and beauty.

A little history about the painting "The Kiss"

"The Kiss" was painted between 1907 and 1908, during a period known as the artist's golden period. During this period, Klimt drew inspiration from Byzantine, Egyptian and Greek styles to create opulent and luxurious images with a particular emphasis on the use of precious materials such as gold and silver.

When "The Kiss" was first unveiled, it was immediately acclaimed by critics who recognised the painting as an exceptional achievement, both visually and emotionally.Since then, this work has become not only one of Klimt's most beloved paintings, but also the most celebrated depiction of a couple in love in the history of painting.

Visual description of the work "The Kiss"

"The Kiss" is an oil on canvas measuring 180x180 cm, now on display at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, Austria. This work of art captivates the eyes of viewers around the world with its inimitable use of colour and pattern.

In the centre of the painting, an embracing couple stand kneeling on a carpet of flowers, wrapped in a golden aura and rich embroidered fabrics.The man's face turns away from the viewer to give his companion a kiss.His neck is stretched to the limit, turned entirely towards his beloved.The woman, dressed in an intricately patterned dress reminiscent of mosaics from the Byzantine period, leans her head back slightly, her eyes closed, happily receiving this gesture of love.

An abstract and symbolic landscape

Beyond the couple, a happy abstract nature emerges that seems to reflect the intensity of the lovers' feelings.There are undulating curved lines and stylised geometric shapes, as if to evoke the emotional energy driving the protagonists in this intimate scene.

Gold is omnipresent in this painting, whether in the characters' clothing or the decorative forms that intertwine and structure the composition. This profusion of gold gives the work a luxurious and majestic appearance, elevating the kiss shared by the lovers to the status of a sacred moment.

The role of "The Kiss" in Gustav Klimt's career

"The Kiss" is often seen as a synthesis of the artistic experiments to which Klimt devoted himself throughout his career. Indeed, by blending different influences, including those of movements such as Impressionism or Symbolism, he was able to create a unique style, opulent and imbued with spirituality, which finds its apogee in this striking painting.

Klimt and art nouveau

As a founding member of the Viennese Secession group, Klimt actively helped to promote Art Nouveau in Austria, a movement that aimed to innovate and break with the artistic conventions of the time. This is clearly evident in "The Kiss", which represents not only a true masterpiece of this school but also a striking example of the artist's stylistic evolution.

A constant renewal of inspiration

Before achieving the fame he is known for today, Gustav Klimt explored many artistic styles. For example, he studied Renaissance painters, became fascinated by Albrecht Dürer, Oriental decorative arts, 19th-century European Symbolist literature, and the optical and chromatic vibrations of Impressionism.

"The Kiss" is the culmination of these diverse influences and is a testament to Gustav Klimt's creative genius, who was able to integrate them into a painting that is both intimate and sumptuous.


This artwork is a painting from the modern period. It belongs to the art nouveau style.


« The Kiss » is kept at Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria.


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