Benjamin-Constant canvas prints & artprints

Benjamin-Constant was born on June 10, 1845 in Batignolles-Monceau, near Paris, France. He was raised by his aunts in Toulouse, after the death of his mother. In 1859, he began studies at the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse. In 1866, after obtaining a scholarship from the city of Toulouse, he left for Paris and enrolled in the studio of Alexandre Cabanel. Two years later, he went to the Salon and quickly obtained the recognition of the State, which bought him his first work. In 1870, Benjamin-Constant left for Tangier. Influenced by Moroccan culture, he made the Orientalist style his specialty. From 1888, he travelled widely between the United States and Canada, where his works were appreciated. Benjamin-Constant died on May 26, 1902 in Paris.

Benjamin-Constant was an Orientalist painter of the late nineteenth century. His famous works are "Hamlet et le Roi", "Cour marocaine" et "Juliette Lambert".

Benjamin-Constant was particularly associated with Alexandre CabanelEugène Delacroix, and Henri Regnault.

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