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Titian, born Tiziano Vecellio, was born in 1488 in Veneto. At a very young age, he arrived in Venice where he joined Gentile Bellini’s studio and then Giorgione’s studio. When his master died, he became his designated heir and finished his unfinished works. The fame he acquired enabled him to attract the attention of a number of patrons: he frequented the courts of Ferrara, Mantua and Urbino, as well as those of the Spanish royalty. Charles V offered him his protection in 1548 and made him a knight and a count. Titian's work seeks to capture the antique ideal and placed man at the centre of everything. Following in the footsteps of the "colourists", Titian pushed the dramatic capacity of painting even further, and earned himself a high place in the pantheon of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance. Titian died on August 27, 1576 in Venice.

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