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Dada is an international artistic, intellectual and literary movement, active from 1915 to 1923. The movement was born in 1916 at the Cabaret Voltaire, a place for artistic exchange and performance. Founded in Zurich by Hugo Ball, this cabaret brought together dissident artists hostile to the war.  The name "dada" was chosen at random from a Franco-German dictionary during a meeting of the collective, and refers to a child's stammering. In this idea of childlike innocence, and because they were evolving in the context of the First World War, the Dada artists wished to take account of the human absurdity that had given rise to the Great War, which weighed heavily on people's minds and bruised their hearts. The Dada artists saw the advent of the First World War as a failure of Western civilisation and its culture. Disdainful of the "art of the past", and armed with an iconoclastic, protesting spirit, these artists advocated pragmatism and spontaneity of creation, and questioned societal conventions and the ideological, aesthetic and political constraints inherited from previous centuries.  Aesthetically, Dada was reflected in a deconstruction of forms (Sophie Taeuber; Kurt Schwitters) but also in a certain deconstruction of language (Tristan Tzara). While the Dadaists were defeatist, Surrealism, which developed a few years later, went further and tried to explain these upheavals beyond appearances. New creative techniques were developed, such as the rubbing of materials, collage and photomontage; They were influenced in their techniques and styles by synthetic cubism, by lyrical and geometric abstraction as well as by the constructivist movement initiated in Scandinavia (De Stijl; Theo Van Doesburg); in Russia (Malevitzch; Lissitzky; Chagall) and in Weimar (Kandinsky; Laszlo Moholy-Nagy). An evening organised between Dadas and Surrealists (Louis Aragon; André Breton) in July 1923 turned ugly: the artists and intellectuals in deep disagreement came to blows and sealed the end of the movement.

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Our dadaism style artprints will bring an artistic and elegant touch to your home. The sense of detail and refined aesthetics of these paintings will not fail to attract the eye. The Dada style is a very inspiring and decorative artistic movement. Muzeo offers you a selection of Dada artworks for the most passionate art lovers in the form of paintings, cushions, wallpapers or lampshades. All our arrt prints are handmade by craftsmen who take pride in preserving the spirit of the work

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