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naturalism fine art prints and canvas prints

The painter Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot can be considered as one of the forerunners of naturalism. Indeed, from the 1830s onwards, his pictorial production demonstrates a desire to apprehend Nature in a new way. Like realism, naturalism flourished in response to the academicism movement and its diktats. The term "academism" characterises works produced within an official framework. Academism is defined by a strong return to Antiquity as well as by the hierarchy of genres that places history painting at the top of artistic creation. The academism and naturalism movements flourished simultaneously. Stylistically, naturalism is characterised by the use of an "academic" technique, i.e. a way of representing the subject that remains faithful to reality, although the touch is characterised by a certain spontaneity. Naturalism develops its own themes. The artists choose subjects from the rural world. In 1848, Jean-François Millet caused a scandal at the Salon by presenting The Vanner. The only subject of this work was a peasant, a trivial character who was set up as the only model of the painting. This interest in scenes from the peasant world was also taken up in a 'softened' naturalism by artists such as Jules Breton, Jules Bastien-Lepage and Léon Lhermitte. For Léon Lhermitte, the rural world was a great source of inspiration. He is often called the "painter of peasants". He rendered the daily scenes of peasants in a precise and faithful manner. At the 1882 Salon, he presented La paye des moissonneurs and met with his first success. This painting can now be seen at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. His work can be considered the height of naturalism in painting. The artists also showed an interest in the working class. The painter Constantin Meunier was one of the first artists to take an interest in this theme. In painting and sculpture, he endeavoured to depict factory work and its hardship. In 1880, he signed the oil on canvas La Coulée à Ougrée. The scene, "from life", represents men at work. Finally, naturalist artists took interest in science. In 1885, the Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt painted a tribute painting to Louis Pasteur, which shows the famous scientist in his laboratory.

Naturalism’s major works

Our selection of naturalistic works includes paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, which focus on scenes of everyday life. They are peopled with trivial characters, represented with a touch that lets the artist's feelings show through. For your decoration, Muzéo offers you a large selection of reproductions of works of art in the naturalist style, ideal to add an original and elegant touch to your interior. Our naturalist style reproductions are digitally printed on fine art paper or canvas to give the naturalist style artwork of your choice a museum quality. You can also choose to have the reproduction of your choice framed from among several possibilities offered on Muzeo. The works of the naturalist movement cover a large number of genres, such as landscape, portrait, or genre scene. Find the major works like Des Glaneuses by Jean-François Millet or La paye des moissonneurs by Léon Lhermitte.

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