Léon Bakst
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Léon Bakst was born on May 10, 1866 in Hrodna, Belarus. In 1883, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of St Petersburg. He then continued his studies in Paris, notably at the Julian Academy. He returned to Russia after his studies and became a court painter. In 1900, Bakst created his first sets, first in the court theatre of the Hermitage Palace for imperial theatres. At that time, he also participated in many Russian newspapers and drew postcards. He returned to France in 1906, where he began working as a decorator and costume designer for the Ballets Russes company and later became its chief decorator. Léon Bakst died on December 27, 1924 in Rueil, near Paris.

<span "'="">Léon Bakst was a painter, decorator and costume designer of Russian origin. His famous works are "Costume design for a bacchante in 'Narcisse' by Tcherepnin", "L'après-midi d'un faune" and "Set design for 'Scheherazade' by Rimsky-Korsakov".

<span "'="">Léon Bakst was particularly associated with George Barbier, Aubrey Beardsley and Marc Chagall.

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