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Barbizon school fine art prints and canvas prints

The Barbizon School, an artistic movement that emerged in 19th-century France, embodies the very essence of landscape art. Located in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest, the village of Barbizon was the birthplace of a group of visionary painters who found their inspiration in the beauty and simplicity of nature. The Barbizon School took shape in the 1830s and 1840s, at a time when academic art dominated the French art scene. A group of painters, including Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Théodore Rousseau, Charles-François Daubigny and others, broke away from the artistic conventions of the time to seek inspiration closer to nature. They settled in Barbizon, where the forest of Fontainebleau and its bucolic landscapes became their inexhaustible source of inspiration.


The artists of the Barbizon School sought to capture the atmosphere and beauty of nature in an authentic way. Their paintings are characterised by peaceful scenes of forests, rivers, fields and skies, often bathed in subtle light. They favoured a sensitive, realistic approach, rejecting idealised subjects in favour of a faithful representation of the landscapes around them. Delicate colours and shades of green, brown and blue were used extensively to create moving paintings that conveyed a deep connection with nature.

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Among the masterpieces that have left their mark on landscape painting is Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's "Souvenir de Mortefontaine" (1864), which poetically expresses the light and atmosphere of a peaceful forest. Théodore Rousseau, meanwhile, is famous for his wild landscapes, and his work "Le Printemps" (1866) is a striking example. Charles-François Daubigny captivated the public with his panoramic views, and his painting "Le Printemps" (1873) is a tribute to lush nature. Finally, Jean-François Millet, although associated with the school, stands out with his iconic "L'Angélus" (1857-1859), a rural scene emblematic of the 19th century. These works, imbued with beauty and emotion, continue to fascinate art lovers, and bear witness to the power of the Barbizon school in its depiction of nature.

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