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Subjects : Dance, Genre scenes
Keywords : Impressionism, dance, dancer, girl, tutu
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To fully enjoy «Danseuses bleues» by Edgar Degas, we recommend the medium size (67.5x60 cm) printed on hand stretched canvas, with the gilded mouldings - thin frame.
The artwork

Danseuses bleues

Edgar Degas's Blue Dancers: an emblematic work of the Impressionist movement

Known for his talent for capturing scenes of everyday life and, more particularly, the world of dance, Edgar Degas left his mark on art history with his pastel works. Among these, The Blue Dancers occupy an important place in the collective imagination and contributed to the international renown of this French artist.

The artist behind the Danseuses bleues: Edgar Degas

Born in Paris in 1834, Hilaire-Germain-Edgar de Gas, better known as Edgar Degas, is considered one of the major representatives of the Impressionist movement in France. Although he called himself a "realist", he remains associated with Impressionism because of his frequent use of bright, contrasting colours and his distinctive pastel technique.

The world of dance as a source of inspiration for the artist

Throughout his career, Degas was interested in the world of dance and produced many works featuring dancers. He was fascinated by the grace and beauty of ballerinas' movements and used to sketch them from life during their rehearsals. This passion for dance was reflected in his paintings, where he sought to capture the elegance and spontaneity of his models' gestures.

The Blue Dancers: a harmonious and dynamic composition

Prepared between 1890 and 1900, the work entitled Les Danseuses bleues is a pastel on paper depicting four young women in ballet dress. These are arranged asymmetrically, creating an impression of movement and lightness. The cobalt blue colour used for the dancers' tutus contrasts with the darker hues of the set, highlighting the beauty and luminosity of the costumes.

A perfect mastery of pastels

Degas was often praised for his pastel technique, which he mastered to perfection. In the Danseuses bleues, we can observe in particular his subtle use of shadows and reflections to give volume and depth to the scene. The strokes are also extremely fine, allowing the details of faces, hair and fabrics to be rendered with remarkable precision.

The influence of the Blue Dancers in popular culture

Since their creation, the Danseuses bleues have captivated the general public and held a special place in the history of art. Today they are considered to be one of the most emblematic works by Degas and the Impressionist movement in general.

A symbol of dance

The Danseuses bleues is often cited as a perfect example of Degas's fascination with ballerinas and their world. This work has thus become, over time, a true symbol of classical dance and a tribute to the grace and beauty of dancers' movements.

A popularity that crosses borders

Beyond their success in France, the Danseuses bleues have also captured the hearts of art lovers around the world. As a result, this work has been exhibited in many international museums and is part of the permanent collections of several prestigious establishments.

Reproductions and derivatives of The Blue Dancers

Because of their fame, the Danseuses bleues have given rise to numerous reproductions and derivative products. These include posters, postcards and even decorative objects featuring the image of these famous dancers.

Reproductions faithful to the original work

Some reproductions of the Blue Dancers are intended to be particularly faithful to the original work, respecting the colours and details of Degas's pastel. These reproductions are generally produced on quality media, such as canvas or art paper, to ensure optimum longevity.

Decorative objects inspired by the Blue Dancers

As well as classic reproductions, the Danseuses bleues have also been turned into a variety of decorative objects: sculptures, statuettes, music boxes... So many ways to pay tribute to this iconic work while adding an artistic touch to your home.

The Blue Dancers: a precious testimony to Impressionist art

At the end of the day, Edgar Degas's Danseuses bleues remains a must-see work for art lovers, offering a perfect example of the French painter's talent and his contribution to the Impressionist movement. Through these four dancers immortalised in their blue tutus, we are offered a veritable hymn to beauty and grace, echoing the values cherished by the artist and his era.


This artwork is a painting from the modern period. It belongs to the impressionism style.


« Danseuses bleues » is kept at Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.


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Edgar Degas

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