Rococo paintings

Rococo paintings

Rococo painting developed around 1725 and came to an end around 1789.

Rococo painting found its inspiration in depictions of angels, but also of love in all its forms. It was not uncommon at this time to find paintings depicting naughty, naughty scenes. The distinctive feature of this style of art was to suppress common anxieties by giving them a light, joyful form, working with an interplay of light, in order to get rid of the disturbing truths of everyday life. Rococo painting blends genres and styles, making a mockery of mythology and religion in a contemporary context.  


The artists affiliated with the rococo each celebrated in their own way the lightness of existence, its evanescent pleasures, its moments of grace. Each of Fragonard's canvases expresses this carefree, light-hearted spirit. For a somewhat licentious decoration, consider hanging a reproduction of Boucher's painting "L'Odalisque" on the walls of your living room. But for lovers of Italian painters, consider offering Giandomenico Tiepolo's Christ and the Adulteress. 

Famous rococo paintings

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