Postimpressionism paintings

Postimpressionism paintings

PostImpressionist painting developed between 1885 and 1905.

Post-impressionist painting was proposed by the English art critic Roger Fry, when he organized an exhibition in London of paintings by MonetVan Gogh, Gauguin et Cézanne. It does not designate a single artistic current, but rather a whole of current, each artist imposing his own style. This artistic revolution does not, however, call into question impressionism, and the pictorial emotion specific to this current is still felt. Thus, some artists juggle between the two styles, continuing to evolve technically constantly, making post-impressionist painting one of the bases of abstract art.

Postimpressionism refer to a 30-year period of extensive artistic innovation between 1880 and 1910 rather than to any single group of artists. Although ths new generation of painters had started on the fringes of impressionism, many of them began to react against its preoccupation with surface appearances. They pushed beyond the quest for naturalism and sought to express feelings and ideas through a radically new use of color, brushstroke and content. 

Postimpressionist artists were keen to break free from the constraints of the Academy to use new styles of expression to reveal a more personal or even spiritual vision that had far-reaching artistic consequences.In their determination to find a simpler, more authentic mode of representation, Postimpressionists reinvented the art of painting by emphasizing geometric shapes, distorting forms, and using unnatural coloring.

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