Portrait paintings

Portrait paintings

Portrait painting is certainly the most frequently used subject in art. Realistic or abstract, shimmering or sober, it gives a new image of the model that follows the message conveyed by the painter. Everyone can find the work that suits them and give a whole new tone to their interior decoration. Whether it's a portrait of Marie-Antoinette or a reunion of the great men of history, portrait and group portrait painting is an ideal cultural gift. Dress up your walls with grandeur and emotion thanks to high-quality canvases.

Many artists have been fascinated by the mystery of a face, by the secrets it conceals. They portrayed strangers as well as those close to them, such as Renoir, who painted beautiful portraits of his son, including "Portrait de Coco lisant" (Portrait of Coco Reading) and "Claude Renoir en clown" (Claude Renoir as a Clown). But others, like Manet, immortalised artists or personalities who were better known to the general public. His "Emile Zola" is a great gift idea for literature lovers.

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