Still Life Paintings

Still Life Paintings

Still life painting has inspired the greatest painters, allowing them to work on their precision and dexterity. Musical instruments, mirrors, but also fruit and flowers are often at the heart of his works, which are slightly rustic. A veritable hymn to beauty and emotion in the face of the simplicity of our surroundings, the viewer is transported into a new world. The opulence and reflections on vanity of these canvases will add warmth to your interior decoration.

The still life is a timeless genre in which a good number of painters have distinguished themselves. Jan Davidz de Heem is an undisputed master of the genre. For a refined and tasteful decoration, hang a reproduction of "Still life" on your kitchen walls. In a completely different genre, Manet painted floral bouquets with great simplicity. His "Branch of peonies and secateurs" is a great gift idea.

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