Seascape paintings

Seascape paintings

The sea and ocean have always been a great inspiration to painters through the ages. They depict seascapes, but also ships on the water and the hustle and bustle of the seaside. These works bring a certain tranquillity to your interior decoration, while taking you on a voyage to new lands. Grandiose and impenetrable, the seascapes are a true haven of peace for those who contemplate them. Let yourself be transported by these idyllic landscapes without leaving your home, thanks to these art reproductions.


The sea, with its seagulls, ships and storms, is an infinite source of inspiration for artists. Eugène Boudin was one of the first to leave his studio to paint seascapes. Enjoy the sea spray by hanging a reproduction of a classic painting by Joseph William Turner in your living room. But if you prefer a warm atmosphere, think instead of painters who love the Mediterranean, such as Felix Ziem or Henri-Edmond Cross. On the other hand, for a dark, tormented style, think of the great Russian painters such as the Romantic painter Ivan Aïvazovsky.

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