Orientalist paintings

Orientalist paintings

Orientalist painting developed in the 19th century and came to an end in 1962.

Orientalist painting deals with a wide variety of themes, referring to Oriental themes or concepts as perceived by the West. In the 19th century, artists often depicted harem or combat scenes, as well as typical landscapes, revealing the splendour of these societies. This new type of painting borrowed a typically oriental technique, as did the use of warm colours, favouring reds, yellows and browns.

Each Orientalist painter recreated his own fantasised and sublimated elsewhere. While Delacroix's work is full of tumultuous surprises, Théodore Chasseriau distinguished himself by painting visions that were just as romantic and fiery, but tempered by a more classical style. His work "Intérieur de Harem" is an excellent gift idea for all art lovers. But for those who prefer more sobriety, consider giving a reproduction of Eugène Fromentin's painting "View of the Nile".

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